Canelo vs GGG rituals +Gematria in Spanish


The 1st Canelo/GGG match was scheduled on September 16, 2017 which is Independence Day for Mexico. The rematch is scheduled for May 5, 2018 and on another significant holiday to Mexico, Cinco de Mayo. May 5th is exactly 33 weeks after Independance day for Mexico, Mexico=33.

I only came across that fact because It was announced on March 5th that Canelo tested positive for a performing enhancing drug specifically Clenbuterol.

From Canelos birthday July 18th to March 5th is exactly 33 weeks like the same distance from Mexican Independence Day to Cinco de Mayo.


The distance from Cinco de Mayo to Mexican Independence Day is 135 days,and from the announcement of his dirty test for Clenbuterol to his birthday July 18 is the same 135 days. Canelo Alvarez=135.





I haven’t said what really blew my mind yet. Canelos response to why he tested positive for Clenbuterol was because of the meat he eats in his home country in Mexico. Not only that but it is in a time of “lent” or “pascua”(Spanish), a Catholic ritual where most don’t eat meat for 40 days starting on “Ash Wednesday” or “Cauresma”(Spanish) or at least every Friday, just like the very Catholic wars that made the holidays I wrote about earlier.



From March 5th to the actual fight on May 5th is 61 days, huge number having to do with the Jesus=61 Miracle=61 and the Cross=61.Pascua=61 Ash Wednesday=61






quick notes..

Positive test announced on 3/5 (35) catholic=35. Canelo has chance to recieve 35th career KO

GGG is written like 666,6x6x6=216 Canelo Alvarez=216

When you add the end date it is 62 days from the fight. Clenbuterol=62


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