Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, and Jim Morrison’s Satanic Ritual Murders

Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, and Jim Morrison, are 3 legendary rock artist who all died in close proximity to each other and all at the age 27, in turn starting the “27 Club” as it is known in mainstream media. These 3 deaths also reinforced the “Rule Of Three” which is  a theory that celebrities die in 3’s or 3 celebrities will die in close proximity of each other.   In fact, this theory is true but not always limited to 3. Although all celebrity’s die by Satanic ritual or at least broadcasted ritualistically through numbers, the Qabal, in a very Svengali like way, can and do orchestrate and intertwine ritual killings, murders, and deaths together with numbers creating riddles with “current events” and untrue details of witnesses or scenarios in the “official” storys.

First notice the fact that all three of these rock legends names start with the letter “J”. In Reverse Gematria the letter “J” has numerical value of 17. what’s also alarming is that 17 is one of the few heavily used numbers in these satanic rituals involving death because the word “Kill” = 17.

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Out of these 3, Jimi Hendrix was the first to die. He died on September, 18, 1970, next was Janis Joplin on October, 4, 1970, and third was Jim Morrison on July, 3, 1971. From Hendrix’s death to Janis Joplins death was a span of 17 days and in gematria Janis=17 and kill=17

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From this start of this ritual/Jimi Hendrix’s death to the completion of it on Jim Morrisons death date is a span of 289 days. 17 is the square root of 289 for another connection to the number 17 and kill.

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27 is a number that is heavily used in these rituals and that is because the word “ritual”=27. Not only did all three of these legends die at 27 but  Jimi and Janis died with 27 and 103 (27th prime) date numerology, and From Janis’s death to Jim Morrisons death was 272 days looking like 27 forwards and back.

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Kill=17,44 and 28

ritual=27 and 81 forwards and backwards

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Along with 27, Hendrix death day has 44 numerology like KIll=44

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Jim Morrisons death day had 28 and 81 numerology like how kill=28 and ritual=81

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44 is a number seen around bad and negative things and there is a lot of examples of 44 being associated with death and “bad luck”. in Gematria, Forty Four=144 so there is also a connection to 144.






Canelo vs GGG rituals +Gematria in Spanish


The 1st Canelo/GGG match was scheduled on September 16, 2017 which is Independence Day for Mexico. The rematch is scheduled for May 5, 2018 and on another significant holiday to Mexico, Cinco de Mayo. May 5th is exactly 33 weeks after Independance day for Mexico, Mexico=33.

I only came across that fact because It was announced on March 5th that Canelo tested positive for a performing enhancing drug specifically Clenbuterol.

From Canelos birthday July 18th to March 5th is exactly 33 weeks like the same distance from Mexican Independence Day to Cinco de Mayo.


The distance from Cinco de Mayo to Mexican Independence Day is 135 days,and from the announcement of his dirty test for Clenbuterol to his birthday July 18 is the same 135 days. Canelo Alvarez=135.





I haven’t said what really blew my mind yet. Canelos response to why he tested positive for Clenbuterol was because of the meat he eats in his home country in Mexico. Not only that but it is in a time of “lent” or “pascua”(Spanish), a Catholic ritual where most don’t eat meat for 40 days starting on “Ash Wednesday” or “Cauresma”(Spanish) or at least every Friday, just like the very Catholic wars that made the holidays I wrote about earlier.



From March 5th to the actual fight on May 5th is 61 days, huge number having to do with the Jesus=61 Miracle=61 and the Cross=61.Pascua=61 Ash Wednesday=61






quick notes..

Positive test announced on 3/5 (35) catholic=35. Canelo has chance to recieve 35th career KO

GGG is written like 666,6x6x6=216 Canelo Alvarez=216

When you add the end date it is 62 days from the fight. Clenbuterol=62


227 and 3.14

227 has a relation to the circle and PI

if you type in the calculator you will see When you divide 22 by 7 you get 3.14/PI on the contrary when you type the words “Twenty two divided by seven” in the Gematria calculator you get 314 the same digits in PI.


2/27 Circle/Circulo Gematria and NBA records


This is further evidence that Gematria is used in Spanish as well

I was looking for numbers that relate to a circle/circulo to play the lotto in case the elites wanted to be funny and encode the circle on 2/27, they didn’t, but what I did find which is probably more valuable is that Gematria is used in Spanish as well, maybe not as thorough as English but still that main structure is there. Check out the number for “circulo”, which means Circle in Spanish.


Before I even put “Circulo” in the Gematrinator, I already had 36,18. 36 for 360 degrees in a circle and 18 for 180 degrees in a half circle, and voala look what circulo =. Gematria is geometry within letters and in geometry it is a bunch of circles and lines just like when you write 108 and 81. Even the 365 is significant because there is 365 days in a year which is a cycle in itself.



Now we know the handlers of the big corporations including pro sports practice the Kabbalah which includes Gematria. On 2/27 they had…

cavs get their 36th(360) win over Brooklyn=112 (circle) Circulo=36

76ers staying at 32 wins and receiving 27th loss on the 27th, Circle=32

miami heat won at the buzzer to receive 32nd win and stayed on 29 losseson a date with 29 numerology,2+27=29.Circle=32.

Washington Wizards received their 36th win and stayed at 27 losses on the 27th..36 for 360 degrees and Circulo=36.0s arent numbers so it’s like they aren’t there.

Bucks stayed on 33 wins and received their 27th loss in the 27th.33 often coded around losing and death.





Sacramento=61 and played their 61st game and lost to stay on 18 for the 180 degrees tribute as well as 108=circulo

Clippers received their 32nd win, circle=32 and stayed on 27 losses on the 27th

Nuggets lost with that fatal number of 33 while scoring 120 points Circle=120